About Me

Hal Aaron, baby boomerHal here…   I’m a professional Baby Boomer.

What qualifies me as a “professional” Baby Boomer? Basically, there’s really only one requirement… to be born between 1946 and 1964. You might be one, too!

Born in the early 50’s in Philadelphia, PA. My parents were a lot like June and Ward Cleaver on Leave It To Beaver.  Dad went to work every morning and Mom was a stay-at-home housewife. They were very generous about letting our friends come over to hang out in our house or play in our yard. I suppose any resemblance to the Cleaver boys ends there, though. My younger brother, Elliot, was the athletically inclined one. I turned out to be the musician in the family.

In 1977, I left Philadelphia for Los Angeles to become a rock star. I never did become a rock star, but the weather was so perfect and the laidback Southern California lifestyle kept me there for the next 28 years. You can read my continuing saga here in My Great American Journey.

Today, I’m also a cancer surviver. While I continue to play music professionally, I had to find a way to supplement my income working from home. My bout with colorectal cancer from May 2014 – May 2015 forced me into an early retirement, but I try to continue helping others while building this website and contributing to the online community as much as possible. While I was hospitalized and during recuperation at my sister’s home, I kept an online journal which I kept updated throughout the ordeal. I’ve converted it into an eBook, Hal’s Pain In The Butt – A Journal – available as a free download. If you know anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer, recently, this may help lighten their spirit and give them hope and positivity.  I know I dodged a bullet. It’s my way of giving back. To get your free copy, fill out the contact form in the right side panel and I will email you this 53 page eBook direct to your inbox!

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