Beatles or Stones?

beatles versus stones

Beatles or Rolling Stones? The Debate Goes On

So…  how about you? Were you Team Beatles or Team Stones? and Why? Did you consider the Beatles the “Good Guys” and the Stones as the Bad Boys”? Did it bother you when John Lennon declared that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus? Do you think maybe he was just trying to be controversial because the Stones were edgier than they were? How  about the songwriting? How about longetivity? Are the Beatles better because they were famous first? Or are the Stones the king of the British rock bands becasue they’ve been together the longest?


Comment below. No reason to let this debate ever go away.


  1. Brian

    It’s like asking who my favorite child is. I have two beautiful girls and love them equally. How would I choose? There are times when I prefer one over the other much as some days I prefer a martini over a single malt scotch, but I love them both for the uniqueness they bring to me.

    1. Hal (Post author)

      Thanks for your input, Brian. I appreciate your reply. Now I have another question:
      Most of us feel the same way about the two bands now that our musical tastes have matured. BUT…

      What about when you were a kid. Do you remember how different they seemed then? You couldn’t even imagine them being friends at the time, although, of course we now know they were very good friends. So… which band did you like best “back in the day”.

      1. Cynthia Wolf

        I loved both of them because hey more hot rockers! They both loved rockabilly and American Blues. So no need to choose. Better 9 hot rockers than 4!

        1. Hal (Post author)

          So, you’re saying… the more the merrier… right?


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