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Facebook groups created by and for baby boomers provide a great deal of nostalgia and entertainment for many of us. A great way to find a lot of “that was then, this is now” comparisons. One of the first baby boomer groups that I became aware of was the “Northeast Philly baby Boomers” It’s also my personal favorite. Their rules are simple as you can see for yourself below:

Posted by Faith Blitman:

The few rules we have here were not chosen arbitrarily but help ensure that this group runs smoothly. They are: (1) No excessive profanity or pornographic images; (2) No bullying. Feel free to disagree but keep it respectful; (3) No racist comments and (4) No political posts or responding to political posts.. Offensive posts will be removed along with the member who initiated them. If you feel offended by a post, please alert one of the moderators so we can help. Let’s work together to keep this a safe and fun group for all. Thank you.

P.S. Unless it’s a class reunion or charity event, don’t even think about advertising here. All ads should be placed in “Advertising For Northeast Baby Boomers.”

Music Challenge

My favorite feature of the group has to be the music challenges which occur pretty much daily (sometimes more than one). Usually, one of the administrators will pose a topic or scenario prompting members of the group to post song titles that best describe said topic or scenario, often followed by a link to the youtube video of the song. 
Other recent posts include games such as Who Would You Make Un-Famous?, Favorite Legal Movies and Favorite Albums.
During a recent conversation with the group’s founder, Faith Blitman told me her only regret was naming it that, because she didn’t want to alienate all the baby boomers that aren’t from the area. So I told her I’d help spread the word to help get some more people to join the merriment. So, if you’re a Baby Boomer and want to participate in some lively conversations about the growing up “back in the day” check out the link below and join! There are no charges or membership dues or fees. No advertisements or politics. Just a good, free, rollicking fun time and a great way to reminisce about your youth! Please share the link below with any friends you think will enjoy this group…


I Used To Hang Out in Rittenhouse Square In the Sixties

rittenhouse square
Rittenhouse Square was sort of like a mini Central Park on the outskirts of a mini Greenwich Village (Samson Street) on the outskirts of Center City, Philadelphia.It was the site of many a groovy scene during the sixties. Love-Ins, Be-Ins, Live concerts, and jsut a lot of all-around hanging out. Everybody who was anybody hung out in Rittenhouse Square at one time or another. To this day, people still enjoy the area.

Here’s a link to their FB page:
I Used to Hang Out At Rittenhouse Square In The 60’s-Philadelphia

Are you a member or administrator of a Facebook Group of interest to Baby Boomers?  Please use the comment section below to tell us about it:


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