Happy Birthday Wang Deshun | 80 Year Old Super-Model

hottest grandpa in the world

When I grow up, I want to be Wang Deshun. That may sounds strange, coming from a baby boomer, but Wang is 80 years old, is in prime physical condition and works as a model, a DJ and a musician. So what’s wrong with aspiring to continue to doing the things I currently enjoy doing – 15 or more years from now?

While surfing the net for ideas to write about, this guy’s story in the NY Times immediately caught my eye. I saw a picture of this wild, white-haired chinese man with ripped abs and a young man’s tan strutting down a model’s runway.


Being older in China typically means being respected, but also, often, sentimentalized. Someone as young as 50 may be addressed as “yeye” or “nainai” — grandpa or grandma — regardless of whether they have offspring.Mr. Wang is having none of that.

Source: An 80-Year-Old Model Reshapes China’s Views on Aging – The New York Times

During the course of the day, I ran across several other articles about him. So  here’s the story…

The man’s name is Wang Deshun. He just celebrated his 80th birthday, and to make a long story short, he’s been living the dream his whole life. Born in 1936 in the city of Shenyang, he’s now known 80 years later – worldwide as “China’s Hottest Grandpa”


We’d like to wish Mr. Deshun a happiest of birthdays and many more years of modeling, singing, DJ-ing and continued enjoyment all of his favorite pastimes. You are a true inspiration and proof that we all can reinvent ourselves at any age!

A Truly Inspirational Human Being



  1. Regina

    Yup that is one hip grandpa. I came across him on facebook sometime back. I wonder if he has grandchildren, or is he still single? He looks like he has always had the freedom to live life the way he wanted – something not married people with kids can usually do because there’s too much at stake.

    1. Hal (Post author)

      I read that he has two kids and 2 grandchildren. I don’t know if he’s presently married, but I imagine he does very well with the ladies. We should all aspire to be that vital when we’re 80 years old!

  2. Richard U.

    I must say well done for what you have done here and thanks for sharing this.

    If only one knows what his secretes are but well done for the post. Obviously there are many tip to be picked up here so i will go ahead and bookmark this page.

    Any more post like this coming up? if you don’t mind me asking because this is awesome.

    1. Hal (Post author)

      Hey Richard,

      Thanks for leaving a comment and thank you for the compliment! I wish I knew his secrets. I’m sure I would be happy to pass them on, myself. However, if you search for him on Youtube, or Google, you’ll find there’s a lot more about Wang Deshun out there. Surprised we haven’t heard about him sooner. He’s got quite a remarkable story, don’tcha think?

      I’ll be happy to keep you posted when I add new stuff. You can find updates on my Stuff For baby Boomer’s Facebook page, too.


      Thanks again!


  3. Skye Rivers

    I have read about this man a few times now. The first time, I was in awe. I still am every time he turns up.

    I was inspired to see that at his age, he is living his dreams. His background is that of a street entertainer. What an inspiration this man is to so many seniors who have fell into the arena of there is nothing to live for but an old arm chair and a hot water bottle to look forward to every day. It’s just not true. Life is what we make of it, and he is living proof. Thanks for sharing Hal.

    1. Hal (Post author)

      I never get tired of reading comments about this guy. Inspiration. That’s the word.


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