Tony the Tiger Makes a Comeback

Grrrrrrreat News?

Depends on your POV I guess… Tony the “Comeback” Tiger is about to get a reboot as a result of sagging sales (perhaps due to sugar’s bad rap?)

According to, Kellogg is targeting the nostalgia of dads who they apparently hope, in turn, will pass onto their tweens and teens.


“The largest U.S. cereal maker is rolling out a new campaign for Frosted Flakes aimed directly at fathers, rather than the moms that typically make shopping decisions. The company also is targeting “tweens,” a group it pegs at 9 to 14, which might not be familiar with its longtime mascot.”

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Although I’m personally a Rice Crispies kinda guy, I look forward to seeing ol’ Tony the Tiger get an upgrade for a new generation to have something to Tweet about. BTW… the new slogan is also getting a makeover. From now on it’s “Let Your Gr-r-reat Out”. Ummm, yeah. I still like the old one better. Sequels are rarely as good as the original.

Welcome back ,Tony.

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  1. Hal (Post author)

    My late little brother, Gary used to polish off a box of Captain Crunch while watching TV before going to bed. every single evening. That’s wheat I call a “cereal killer”. My thing was Rice Crispies. I learned how to make Rice Crispie Treats at a very young age and often brought them to parties.
    What was your favorite?

  2. Benedetto

    Interesting approach that they are targeting their campaigns at fathers now. I grew up in Germany and I remember how I saw the tiger playing basketball at a court with kids and I think the message was….if you want to play well and be strong you get frosted flakes. I was really young back then, but still remember the commercials. Pretty powerful when you think about how far back I can remember these commercials.

    Oh I also used to love rise crispies, especially the chocolate ones 🙂

    cheers for the update,

    1. Hal (Post author)

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Tony does the basketball tour again. I bet it won’t be the same guy inside the costume though! 🙂


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