Scamming Seniors – Tis the Season

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A Stuff for baby Boomers PSA (Public Service Announcement)

Tis the season when unscrupulous people try to scam senior citizens out of their hard-earned money. This activity is not just prevalent during the holidays, either. We must all constantly be vigilant. Some scams are more serious than others, but  the fact remains,, over 3 billion dollars a year has been attributed to mail fraud and other illegal activities perpetrated through the postal system. So hang onto your shirts. I just received a very innocent looking solicitation, that appeared to be from a U.S. government agency concerning Medicare. But  at the bottom in very small, faded print it says, “Not affilliated with Medicare or any government agengy”.

Oh, I’m sorry, Did you have a hard time reading that? It says:

“Not affilliated with Medicare or any government agency”

Below is a video I created to demonstrate how you can double check on the source of some of these items that you receive emulating official government documents…

Scamming senior citizens has to be one of the lowliest crimes anyone could  consider. These are people who prey upon the  elderly. Folks who have worked and saved their entire lifetimes to be able to spend their last years in relative comfort. It’s bad enough our benefits are threatened to  erode year after year without the help of some sleazy con artists tricking these people out of their nest eggs and rainy day money.

  I hope you find this helpful. I guess what I’m really trying to do is to give you a heads-up. Create a little awareness and make you aware that a simple search on Googleor Bing can give you a little insight into who’s getting into your home through your mailbox and inbox.

If you have any experiences that are relevant to this post, please comment in the comment section below.

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