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If you are viewing this after the first week in December…

Unfortunately, you missed the window to get in on the annual Black Friday Discount which is $299 annually. However, you can still get a great deal by becoming a member of WA for only $349 per year.

Hal here. I am not sure whether to categorize this post as about money, or about tech, because it is about both in equal portions. Let me just jump right into it and you decide.

Many who know me, know that , besides being a musician, I’m into all sorts of other multimedia… among them, producing video ads and building websites. Many of my friends and acquaintances have also come to me in the past to ask if I could tell them the best company to host their site, or if i could teach them how to build and/or maintain their own website.


So, I am here to tell you that I have  been waiting all year to tell you about this. I host  my website, Stuff for Baby  Boomers with a company called SiteRubix, through my membership with Wealthy Affiliates University 0r WA.

Now, WA is much, much more than a web hosting service. It is a community of people of all ages, from all walks of life and every corner of the globe – many of them retirees and seniors looking for a new skill and a way to make some extra money. Some make a little pocket change every month, others learn how to earn a full time income. That part is really up to the individual. But I like to think of WA as “Facebook for entrepreneurs”.  There are currently about a half million members and they range in skills from absolute beginner, to online marketing guru.  All of the members help each other learn new skills, tips, and tricks about websites, email marketing, social media, search engines, – everything.Like the banners says, “it’s not magic”. Anyone can learn the skills to earn money online.

In addition, they offer formal certification and very comprehensive video courses so you can watch and learn pretty much everything you want to know about the internet from full WordPress training, social media, SEO, email list building and everything else related to affiliate marketing and internet marketing in general. There is also what they call “Affiliate Bootcamp” in case you want to learn how to become an affiliate for WA. Which isn’t a bad idea, either. Wealth Affiliate pays excellent commissions, and their products are the best I’ve found anywhere. This includes membership to WA and an excellent keyword tool developed by Carson, one of the the owners. It’s called Jaaxy

And all of this for what you’d normally pay any other company for web hosting and nothing else. It is free to join their basic membership. However, once a year, they make it so affordable, it’s simply a no-brainer. So, I want to be sure every who I can possibly reach know about this.

Now, I joined WA last December, so I missed their annual Black Friday sale period, and I’ve been paying $47 per month. However… when you pay annually, the price breaks down to  only about $29 dollars month. It includes all the member benefits, hosting for 50 websites, 25 unique domain names, full WordPress training, video trying, member chat area, your own blog, a profile page. AND – beggining this coming year (2017), hosting will include SSL certificates, which the Google search engine will require in order to rank websites higher. Some web hosting companies charge the price of full WA membership for an SSL certificate for a single website. You shouldn’t have to think twice if you’ve ever gone shopping for web hosting. Nothing can compete with the support and services you get with WA. Create a free account and decide later if you want to upgrade. You can remain a free member for as long as you like.

 If at some point you decide to go premium, well, I honestly believe you cannot get a better bang for your buck anywhere else. This is straight from the keyboard of me… Hal Aaron!

Look over this chart below to see the many benefits of membership in Wealthy Affiliate University:

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