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My Great American Journey Part 8 – The Audition

My Great American Journey – My Audition Have you ever been a bus person or food server in a busy restaurant? If not, have you ever simply observed the ballet that goes on in a restaurant during the peak hours –…
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My Great American Journey – Pt 7

Pt 7 –  9th and Wilshire There is a remarkable scene at the end of the Martin Scorcese film, “Gangs of New York”. It depicts a small cemetery, ensconced by weeds that cover the head stones of some of the characters…
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My Great American Journey – Pt. 5

Pt 5 –  Black Ice in Arizona & the Guardian Angels of the Highway… The Semi-Southern Route Here’s my Great American Journey so far… We left Philly, went through Virginia where we encountered giant snow flakes at the sighting of…
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