Welcome to Stuff For Baby Boomers

If you’re looking for Stuff for Baby Boomers, then you have arrived!  Well, at least for a little while. Like the voiceover on the Beverly Hillbilly’s used to say during the ending credits…

Take your shoes off.  Set a spell.  Y’all Come back now!  Hear?

You are cordially  invited to visit these pages as often as you like. As kid growing up in the Philly, PA during the 50’s and 60s, and continuing my adventures in Los Angels in the 70s, 80s and 90s, there is a lot to relate here, brothers and sisters. I encourage you to comment anytime  you’d like to to add your experiences or personal stories if you relate to my posts and I hope you enjoy this site in the spirit in which it’s presented.

Some of the links here  may be connected to affilate sites where you can purchase products related to the category. This will not increase the prices in any way, and in fact may even be lower in some cases. Hey, guys and gals… if I can swing a nice discount, I certainly will share it here!

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