Hal’s  Squatty Potty Review

It’s My Potty And I’ll Squat If I Want To

You’ve probably seen the ads and banners on various website by now. They’re even here on this website… I first became aware of the Squatty Potty while watching Shark Tank, the ABC show where inventors and creators of innovative new products try to get the money they need to grow their business from  a panel of five multimillionaire investors who take turns grilling the poor saps to the point of tears. To my recollection, the only tears during the Squatty Potty demonstration were streaming down the faces of the panel from laughing so hard.

Squaty_Potty_700x420 But truth be told, there’s nothing funny about how devilishly brilliant this little stool that sells for 29 bucks, truly is. And anyone watching this presentation unfold could easily see that Bill, Judy and Bobby Edwards, the lovely family who have brought this remarkable little stool into the national psyche, were going to get the deal of a lifetime. In the end, they signed a deal with Lori Greiner, the Queen of QVC. If you click on one of the Squatty Potty banners, you can see the video on their website. Good stuff!

Here’s the Scoop on How To Poop

At first glance, this may all sound like a load of crap, but the truth is, there’s real science behind this little wonder. You’re probably aware that since the earliest days of mankind, humans have always squatted to do their business. Even today, a large segment of the world population squat to poop. The modern toilets that we use here in the U.S. have only been around since the 19th century. A version  similar to the ones we use now was invented by Thomas Crapper (YUP – that’s where the expression “Hey, I gotta use the crapper” comes from). But apparently, Ol’ Tom didn’t know squat about posture when it came to relieving oneself. I guess he just thought of a bathroom break as an opportunity to sit and read a book.

It’s Not The Seat, It’s The Posture

As the toilet evolved, they became more beautiful. More garish. You could get a nice American Standard toilet, or a designer Kohler toilet seat, with jeweled toilet lid and gold-plated hardware, but it’s not going to do you any good if you’re constantly straining while trying to squeeze out the motherlode.

This Is Your Colon Calling  –  Are You Sitting Down?

Well, I’ve got some news for you. The Squatty Potty is the solution to what’s been causing colon problems all over the world for the last 200 years. It’s simply a perfectly designed plastic stool that slides out of the way around the base of your toilet when not in use. When you’re ready to go, simply pull it out and put your feet up. It forces the Puborectalis Muscle, that ordinarily crimps your colon when your trying to go, to relax and let the colon open up to let you do what you have to naturally  and easily.

Squatty Potty Banner

Best Stool Sample I’ve Ever Had

When I ordered my Squatty Potty, I was already convinced that this cool stool was going to be everything I heard it was. Even Howard Stern raves about it. And you know, a guy with a potty mouth like his knows what he’s talking about. So when I called the company to ask if I could get approved as an affiliate for Squatty Potty, I was elated when they gave me the green light. Not  only that, they graciously sent me one for review. Just like I said in the headed, “Best stool sample I ever had! So without any further jokes or puns, let me just say this: It’s not hype. The Squatty Potty is the best 29 bucks you’ll ever spend. Once you use it, you’l wonder how you managed to live this long without one. In fact, I read one review a while back where the author said the only thing wrong with it is, he didn’t know what he’d do when he was visiting a place that didn’t have one. Well, guess what? They now even offer an inflatable, portable Squatty Potty for only $10.

Bottom Line

They offer a 60 day money back guarantee.  But I’m here to tell you… Within 60 days, you’re more likely to order a second Squatty Potty for your other bathrooms or as a gift for a friend, than to part with the one you just got. So, what are you waiting for? I’m all pooped out from writing about it. You’ve gotta get one!


The Original Squatty Potty


  1. Carol

    Hal, this post kept me laughing so hard that I almost wet my pants and then was too pooped for a minute to participate in a response. Thanks for the great information on a product that most people would have never considered. Keep your reviews flowing!

    1. Hal (Post author)

      Besides being open to a lot of humorous statements, it’s also seriously useful. I don’t know how I survived all these years without one!

  2. JD Loveland

    When I first saw this, I thought to myself, you gotta be kidding me! Are you for real! The advertisement is as gross as they come! Man you ought to be ashamed of yourself for trying to push this crap! But then I said, what the heck, money back guarantee, what do I have to lose?
    I’ll tell you what I had to lose….but not here. As a colon cancer survivor, I can say this is the BEST 30 bucks I have ever spent. It feels a little weird at first because I am a little overweight but man, I know this sounds stupid, I LOVE my squatty potty. Oh my gosh man, did I really say that?
    Thanks again, Hal
    be Blessed as You continue to seek ways to bless others,

    JD Loveland

    1. Hal (Post author)

      Yep, You said it, all right! How could you not?

  3. Joanne

    Hahaha – loved the review and video Hal!

    I gotta tell you, I wish I had invented this thing – it simply WORKS!
    I’ve previously tried whatever was hanging around in the bathroom to put my feet on knowing that it actually helps to do that, but never found a comfortable position – and just leaning over doesn’t do the job.

    I think the Squatty Potty should be in EVERY bathroom!

    1. Hal (Post author)

      I agree. I’m actually surprised they haven’t designed toilets with built-in foot rests. Or if they have, why aren’t they in every home?

  4. Sheila

    I don’t want to be a party (potty) pooper. I’ve been seeing this thing for a while now… think I first saw it on Dr. Oz or something – back when I used to have time to watch the idiot box – but I think I’m ready to give it a try. What has I got to loose? LOL! Yes. Pun is intended.

    What a great review.

    1. Hal (Post author)

      If you get one, you won’t be sorry. In fact, the potty’s just getting stotted!! LOL

  5. Guile

    I was wondering if there was some kind of height limit to use that. I am very tall and I am not sure I would be comfortable with my feet being more elevated than they usually are in the first place. I am not sure how this would help me, but it is possible that after trying it I could end up really liking it.

    1. Hal (Post author)

      I don’t think your height would be an issue,, since you would normally be seated when using it. Only your feet and legs are elevated up to your knees. There are times when I don’t use it at all, but for the times I need the extra help, it’s been like being rescued by Superman.

  6. Skye Rivers

    OMG – is this hilarious or what!

    Great article and review. I too saw this on Shark Tank and thought how brilliant is this! I was too cheap to buy it, so as I was having a moment, I thought let me see if this actually works, so I looked around to what I could use to mimic the ‘position’ and found a new package of Charmin as if it were a squatty, and lo and behold, it was if the red sea parted and it worked like a charm. I can see how effective this squatty potty would be had I had one.

    So it was right before Christmas that year, and as a joke, I purchased four of them, for each member of the family. I didn’t get the reaction I was hoping for and they were not interested in them so I sent them all back, but every once in a while I do use a fresh pack of unopened toilet paper for that propped up position and I can honestly say, using this gives a whole new meaning to being properly propped… so you can properly poop LOL… I need to purchase one. The packages collapse after a while and there is nothing like a squatty. I got confused though. They come in different sizes, and I don’t do math, so in trying to figure out which one I wanted, it got to be too much math to think about… how how is that, how much size-age do I need being 5’2 and so on. But I do give this product a 10 if you can figure out the logistics LOL

    1. Hal (Post author)

      Sounds like your own squatty adventures are hilarious, too! Well, listen – if you ever decide to get a real Squatty Potty, just use the link on the this review page. Oh, and I think either the seven inch model is plenty high enough. That’s the model I have. The nine incher would probably knock me off the seat 😀

      BTW – don’t forget to watch the video.


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